Camp Harmon Redwood Club

50 Years to Celebrate and 50 More to Come

Camp Harmon Redwood Club is a dedicated group of people who share our belief that everyone with a disability or special need deserves to experience the life-changing benefits of Camp Harmon. Many consider summer camp a rite of passage and don't realize how difficult it is to find a suitable camp to meet the unique needs of individuals with disabilities. Each year campers with disabilities come from across the country to enjoy comfort and fun at Camp Harmon.

From the rigorously trained staff, to special dietary menus, to widened pathways and a swimming pool equipped with lifts to aide campers - Camp Harmon is the premier choice for individuals with special needs.

The Camp Harmon Redwood Club honors generous supporters who contribute gifts of $1,000 or more in support of restoring Camp Harmon. These sustaining gifts help ensure Camp Harmon will last another 50 years!

Billee Paul (left) and Charly Terpstra (right) taken at Camp Harmon's "Terpstra Lodge".
Both were long time supporters, volunteers and friends of Camp Harmon. May their legacy of kindness and support inspire others.